How To Donate

Tim Bleazard


With the end of the Big Challenge rapidly approaching, many people have asked me (and more will be wondering) how to donate the money you’ve all been saving since you pledged support for the Challenge and Cancer Research UK.



The first thing I would ask everyone is – please don’t send me all your 10p pieces – I won’t be able to cope!  The second thing is to stress the importance of GIFT AID.  If you pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax you can claim Gift Aid, which will add 25% to the value of your donation, making £20 worth £25 and £54.20 worth £67.75.

The easiest and best way to donjust-givingate is via the Just Giving site (click here). You’ll need a credit or debit card (so now you can spend your 10p pieces on something you’d otherwise have bought on a card!): make sure you read the Gift Aid rules carefully and if you qualify, confirm that you’re claiming it. To avoid problems with the tax office it may be better not to make comments like “From me and the rest of the family / friends / etc” as Gift Aid can only be claimed on one individual’s personal money, not that of a group. Please don’t donate to any other Cancer Research UK site as this will be just too confusing!

If you prefer to send a cheque, please print out and complete the Gift Aid form (follow this link), and send your cheque, made payable to ‘CANCER RESEARCH UK’ and Gift Aid form to me at 13 Southfield Drive, West Bradford, Clitheroe, BB7 4TU.  Please don’t forget the Postcode!

Unfortunately one thing I can’t do is an on-line bank transfer or BACS – CRUK can’t accept this kind of donation (and I would prefer not to receive any cash) so it really is a choice between Just Giving or a cheque, and I hope this is OK for everyone.

Thank you all again, so much, for supporting this Challenge. I’m certain to be writing a summary elsewhere but for now I can tell you that at times it’s been fun and there have been days which have got me down; it’s been hard, but so, so worthwhile, and the support from comments on social media, emails, and via the blog have been incredibly inspiring. It’s been a privilege – both to spend time on the fells and to receive so much encouragement from everyone. Now we need to make it a big success for Cancer Research UK – please be generous!