Appeal for new supporters

This is how I started the appeal. It would be really great if you could share it with your friends, family and colleagues – and if so, here’s a suggested email to make it easy for you!


I’m proud to support Bill Honeywell’s #542in2016 Lakeland Challenge for Cancer Research UK. Will you please read Bill’s appeal and do the same to help beat Cancer?

“I climbed all 214 Lakeland ‘Wainwrights’ in 55 days in 2009 for the Rosemere Cancer Foundation and cycled 4,500 miles around the British Coast for Cancer Research UK in 2011.

At the grand old age of of 63 I’ve now decided to climb 542 Lakeland summits – not in two months, but in under a year, starting and finishing in 2016, donating all the funds raised to Cancer Research UK .

CRUK do a phenomenal job. Did you know that cancer survival rates have DOUBLED in the last 40 years? And they’re still improving, thanks to the work of CRUK and other organisations. The money that we raise for CRUK is spent on vital, life-saving research and makes a very big difference. But they always need more.

Now here’s the different bit. I’m not asking for money up front, or the usual kind of donations from friends and family. Instead, I’m asking supporters to pledge 10p per summit. I’ll keep everyone updated of progress, and I’ll ask you to put the money to one side – in an old-fashioned tin for instance (there may be a prize for the most original receptacle!) The maximum number of hills in one day is likely to be around 10 or 12, the most in a week maybe 40. So you won’t have to find more than £1 a day, £4 a week or so max – often just the loose change left in your purse or pocket at the end of the day. But because the challenge will take much of the year between start and finish, at the end your tin will hopefully contain £54.20.

If this is too much then you can share with a friend or pledge less per summit. Of course, if you want to pledge more than 10p that will definitely be OK too!

All you need to do is go to, follow the links to Pledge Support and you’ll be kept up to date with entertaining news from the blog through the year. You don’t need to do anything else at this stage.

Thank you once again. Together we WILL beat cancer.

Bill Honeywell B.E.M.”